A Passion For Treating Injured Federal Workers

The Win Spine Clinic was framed after the proprietors ventured to every part of the nation conversing with administrative workers and finding out pretty much the entirety of the issues bureaucratic representatives experience when getting injured at work. Numerous government laborers are dealt with ineffectively by their administrators. Some harmed laborers are being compelled to go to the organization specialist who doesn’t have the worker’s well being on a fundamental level. Harmed Federal Workers the nation over are losing their advantages because of not knowing their privileges and not having the option to discover qualified specialists who realize how to support them.

Specialists in Treating DOL-OWCP Injury Claims

A typical subject that we heard across the country was that individuals just couldn’t discover a specialist who comprehended OWCP laborers comp. Rather, they were heading off to their family specialists and utilizing their very own medical coverage, paying copays, deductibles, coinsurances and having their treatment cut off by their private protection transporters. They were utilizing their debilitated and excursion time when requiring downtime because of their physical issue and they couldn’t get qualified for a calendar grant. They were losing the entirety of their earned advantages due to not having specialists who acknowledged and comprehended OWCP laborers comp.

Consistently, the central government distributes its yearly bureaucratic work injury measurements which expresses that simply over 3% of every administrative representative endured work wounds or sicknesses. At the base of the page, it expresses that the information does exclude claims that were not acknowledged.

Cases are not acknowledged for the accompanying reasons:

  • Can’t discover a specialist who will acknowledge DOL-OWCP.
  • Can’t discover a specialist who gets causation and can compose reports getting claims acknowledged.
  • Representatives’ misconception of their privileges under the Department of Labor Office of Workers Comp Programs (DOL/OWCP).
  • Chiefs not giving the assistance they are required to give to representatives who are harmed at work. Representatives dread of being terminated in the event that they document a work injury guarantee (adhering to the entirety of the principles keeps any such thing from occurring).

The Win Spine Clinic has a certain order to free the country of these issues. We need injured laborers to have much more prominent access to great specialists who realize how to support them and who realize how to get their physical issue claims acknowledged. We will teach the government workforce about their privileges under OWCP and dissipate the deception that documenting a work injury guarantee will get you terminated from your activity.

Our primary care physicians and staff likewise work with your association authority to ensure that the bosses comprehend their obligations as spread out by the Department of Labor. FIC needs totally harmed government laborers to be dealt with reasonably.

We guarantee that all treatment is medicinally demonstrated, all guidelines and laws are followed, and all patients are treated with deference and respect. Our government workforce merits the most significant level of care and

The Win Spine Clinic is focused on conveying this to every single patient we serve.


Please note: We are a Doctor’s office and not a State or Federal Worker’s Compensation Department.